Are you having relationship problems and struggling to solve them? What if I tell you that your relationship can get better by doing these relationship challenges in your relationship with your partner? These challenges are designed to increase the intimate and sweet elements in your relationship.

Relationship challenges to do with your partner

 1.  Fitness Challenge

On this day, have a balanced diet and do workouts, and make this challenge a fun one.

2. Staring challenge

Having a Staring Contest with your partner. This challenge will connect you to your partner in an intimate way and on a different level.

3. Make TikTok together

Choose couple trending challenges on TikTok and make a few. Make it funny and memorable.

4. Cuddle together for 30 to 45 mins

relationship challenges

Do you know what is the best thing to hold? The best thing to hold is your partner.  Hold onto each other. Cuddle on the couch with your significant other and stay there for a while.

5. write letters and leave them in places

Write sweet appreciative short letters to your partner and leave them where they are most likely to find them.

6. Set up a picnic inside of your home

Arrange a picnic inside of your home and spend a few hours watching your fav show, munching on your favorite snacks, and Cuddling.

7. Go for a walk

Hold your partner’s hand and go for a walk in your neighborhood. Feed the birds, cats and dogs. And enjoy the very best.

8. Send funny memes to your partner throughout the day

Cheerful African woman holding a smartphone and looking at her boyfriend. Happy young couple reading meme on smartphone and laughing against the sunset.

Send your partner memes to make them laugh throughout the day. Laughter is a very important and valued trait in a romantic relationship.

9. Complete a money goal together

Start to save 5 dollars each day and soon you will be able to complete that money goal for a month that you have set and you will have lots of money saved by the end of the year.

10. Surprise date challenge 

Arrange a surprise and set a date with your partner and have a romantic time after a whole day of work.

11. Stay up late and talk

Check in on each other and talk late at night. Ask them how have their week been and how are they honestly doing.

12. Compliment each other

Compliment each other throughout the day to make your partner’s day.

13. Play board games

Sit with your significant other one day and play board games while talking

 about all the stuff. Cheat, fight and win.

14. Watch the sunrise together

Make a hot cup of coffee and watch the sunrise with a hand around your partner’s shoulder while sipping on that coffee.

15. Gift your partner something 

Gift your partner something that they have been wanting for Some time. It could be a simple and elegant bouquet of roses too.

16. Cook together

Set a day where you both spend time cooking a whole 3 course meal.

17. Netflix night

On a weekend night  sit with your partner and complete a series that you both had been planning to watch

18. One day weight loss challenge 

Work on something meaningful and efficient and compete with your part and see who loses more weight in a whole cycle of 24 hours. The one who wins gets a treat.

19. “I love you” day

Stop your partner through the day. Look them in the eye. Look qt their outfit. Maybe smirk for some fun. And just tell your partner that you love them. Say “I love you” or “I appreciate you” every now and then. Make their day and make them happy.

20. Rearrange your bedroom

Plan a day, rearrange your room with your partner, and enjoy the new change.

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