long distance relationships
Long distance relationships.

Sometimes couples love their partner but can’t stay in the same place for many reasons such as getting their dream job. You finally found each other and feel connected and feel the love and now this comes. The only problem that for the couple is the problem of maintaining and surviving the long distance relationships. You probably don’t want to part ways and break up simply just because you both do not live in the same place. You both get along very well, have a lot of fun together and things seem to be going perfectly well.

It is not impossible to have a healthy and satisfying relationship with someone you see and meet a few times a month or even a year. Being in a long distance relationship takes time and work. And you both have to take slow steps. To make sure that you both feel entirely connected and in contact with one another while not being physically together. Besides, long distance dating and relationships are so romanticized. Long distance dating is not actually glamorous as it seems. Different times, missed calls, buffering videos, busy time schedules, extra work, pricey plane tickets, and visa restrictions can all get in the way of a relationship.

First of all, make  yourself understand that long distance relationships can absolutely succeed. You are not alone in a long distance relationship. It is okay if there are few or more than a few ups and downs. It is fine. You will be getting to know about ways, tips and advice for how to make and survive long distance relationships even if you are online long distance dating.

5 ways to keep the spark alive in long distance relationships

Keeping the spark alive in long distance relationship.

Pick up the phone

The first thing to keep in mind is to pick up the call. It is really important in long distance relationships to stay and feel connected. You should talk on the phone and make sure to facetime your partner. Receiving or picking up the call you will feel like you have connected at the beginning and the end of your days. It will be for you and your partner to have an in depth conversation where you both can hear and see each other.

Keep the call short and lovely 

Keep the call short and lovely.

You have to make sure that your calls, texts and facetime are engaging and short at the same time. The question is why? Because let’s suppose you  talk for a couple of hours and then after that you wouldn’t have things to catch up on throughout the day. Moreover, do not talk daily because that will lead you both to say the same old routine. And you both would not have to talk about something new and then everything would be boring for both of you. Keep the call short to keep the spark alive in the relationship 

Remind your partner frequently what you love about them and the  relationship you both share

If you want to survive a long distance relationship then you must remind your partner about the things you love about them. And the relationship you both share. There are doubts, insecurities, and most of all jealousy in a relationship whether it is long distance or just a normal one. These are more if it is a long distance relationship because you both are spending so much time away from each other. This is why you should use verbal communication over phone calls.

It helps minimize negative feelings and makes sure to clarify where you stand as a partner and a couple. So the next time you talk to your partner over text, call or facetime make sure to tell your partner how deeply you love them. And appreciate everything they have done for you and the things to maintain and survive the relationship. A wonderful thing you can say to your partner is” I am so deeply in love with you and I wish we could be together right now.

Remember that your partner is not perfect

Remember that your partner is not perfect.

There are people who tend to romanticize their relationship and keep thinking of it that way. Research has shown that couples with more idealization in their relationship are more likely to break due to an unstable relationship. Do not just remember the good things about your significant other. Because it may lead to disappointment when you see them again.

Try not to build a perspective of them as perfect. And try to keep things in perspective. You can also look out for signs of being in a healthy relationship because you have to make sure you are dating ” The one”. Because it needs a lot of work. And you should not be putting so much energy into it when it is more of a time-pass relationship. You can instead date locally if that is the case.

Try having digital dates in long-distance relationships

Try having digital dates in long distance relationships.

This is one of the dating tips for long-distance relationship couples. Try having online dates because of the lack of physical dates. You can still carry on with the hobbies for couples through facetime and online dates. In online and digital dates you can try challenges for couples. Trying to make your relationship work can also be a sign of being in a meaningful relationship. It does not matter what stage of the relationship you are standing on. All that matters is that you are putting effort.

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