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Artificial intelligence; the stimulation of human intelligence demonstrated by computer systems through machines is transforming the world in every aspect you know. Through the years, advancement in technology has overcome the limitations of AI and big data. And faster processors and better algorithms have allowed artificial intelligence to reach new limits. 

This revolution is not limited to just technology and various industries but has infiltrated countless aspects of our society. These include the healthcare, legal, economic, political, and social sectors. Human relationships are no exception. In recent years, artificial intelligence is greatly impacting human emotions and, hence their relationship with each other.  

Pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence on society 

AI & its impact on couples:

Artificial intelligence has become an important part of our society and like everything else; this too has its positive and negative aspects. What matters is how to keep balance while it transforms the society you live in. In this article, the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence, in general, will be discussed. Furthermore, its implications on couples and their relationship with each other will also be explored.

Positive and Negative Implications of AI on Society:

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. It has made allowed humans to extend the boundaries and reach new heights. No one can deny the progress human civilization has made through AI, but, it has also created new challenges for them. Artificial intelligence has also come with its fair share of good and bad. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of AI.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Efficient Workplace:

The efficiency of the workplace has significantly improved through artificial intelligence. Taking dangerous and repetitive tasks; has reduced the human workload. This allows humans to use that free time to do tasks they love and are better suited for. This enhances their creative skills and they become happier and more empathic increasing job satisfaction. 

  • Improved Healthcare:

The advancement in artificial intelligence has drastically improved the healthcare system. AI has provided better diagnostic and monitoring facilities to medical institutes and has upgraded the operations of the healthcare system. This has significantly reduced the cost of operations and improved patient care. With further development and better access to information, artificial intelligence could provide personalized drug and treatment plans for patients in the near future. This could be life-changing for the healthcare system. 

  • A study predicted that big data would be able to save $100B a year from medicine and pharmaceuticals. 

Cons of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Loss of Jobs:

Artificial intelligence has evolved the workplace and its workforce. While AI in most scenarios has made the human job easier, it has also replaced people with machines. This has resulted in the loss of jobs and an increase in uncertainty. People have to seek jobs that are distinctive to human abilities and require certain creative skills. This remains challenging for individuals that don’t know how to make a living in these changing times. 

  1. Research indicated that from 2017-2037, AI will replace 7 million existing jobs in the UK.
  2. A study has revealed that AI has the potential to create 7.2 million jobs.
  • No Moral or Ethical Boundaries:

Another major issue faced by people is that artificial intelligence is powered by data and is designed to do tasks that are assigned to it by humans effectively. It has no emotions or understanding of moral and ethical boundaries. It is quite possible that AI while performing a task assigned to benefit humanity; chooses to take a destructive approach to achieve its goal. This can have a negative impact on society. That’s why it is necessary that algorithms of artificial intelligence are built to align with human principles. 

Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Couples:

As discussed earlier, artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. Through advanced technology and machine learning, it has incorporated itself into every major aspect of life. The social aspect is no exception. Relationship between two individual is now greatly influenced by AI. With each passing day, robots upgraded with artificial intelligence are becoming more and more realistic and could soon have the potential to influence human emotions. This could play a significant role in building and preserving relationships between two people. The impact of artificial intelligence on couples has been briefly discussed below.

Artificial Intelligence and Online Dating:

Online dating has become a norm in today’s society with various dating sites and apps providing digital match-making services for you to find the perfect partner. These have connected multiple communities and have made dating much easier. A surge in online dating was seen especially during covid’19 and lockdown. These online dating apps have brought a major change in the nature of our social networks. A further step in this is brought by AI where the compatibility between two people for dating and long-term relationships is measured through massive data sets collected about individuals from different people. 

  • The research predicted 276.9 million people to use online dating apps by 2024 generating revenues of approx. $2.5 billion.
  • A study revealed that 90% of Indians continued dating online during the Covid-19 at OkCupid app.

Relationship Counseling:

Artificial intelligence is not just limited to online dating or keeping track of your fitness. It also provides a great opportunity to self-reflect and improves yourself through deep learning and machine learning. Through further development, artificial intelligence could be able to provide life coaching and relationship-counseling services. AI would have the capability of observing impaired or broken relationships and pointing out the underlying issues between them. This could help resolve arguments and conflicts and allow people to have open conversations.

  • It was found that 45% of people consider technology a real problem in their marriage. 
  • Research revealed that 30% of people are in unhappy marriages in the UK.

Romantic Relationship with Robots:

The future where robots will replace humans is not too far. The latest technological advancements have allowed scientists to develop robots that are human-like and can respond and act like them. In the near future, robots programmed with AI will be so advanced that they would be able to form romantic relationships with humans. Tech giants are investing millions in voice assistants and virtual personalities to develop robots according to the preference of an individual. However, it can be damaging to human relationships and their mental health. People would start to rely on digital connections rather than real human ones. This will make people lose their ability to deal with conflicts and manage different life scenarios. 

  • A study shows that by 2050, romantic relationships between humans and robots will be widespread.

Virtual Training for Dating:

Artificial intelligence is already used for virtual training people in different sectors such as nursing, law enforcement, manufacturing, and many more. This technology is still at an earlier stage, however, with time, improvement in audio sensors and computer vision will allow people to have virtual training on impressing someone or approaching they don’t know. Controlled AI-generated VR environments will assist individuals to practice and overcome their shyness and awkwardness. 


Artificial intelligence has become a part of your daily lives without any of you even realizing it. It has made life easier and communities closer. The impact of AI on technology and business sectors is very clear. While it does have some disadvantages, its benefits are far exceeding and have evolved the world. However, its influence on social sectors is still unfolding. Artificial intelligence has several advantages discussed above concerning romantic relationships, but it also has numerous drawbacks. Experts have shown concern that humans will rely on AI-enabled personalized machines for personal closeness and sexual gratification rather than dealing with other people. However, the effect of this shift will fully be disclosed when this becomes a reality.

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