The increased usage of the internet and digitalization of almost every aspect of our society has opened new doors for humans. The dating scene is not any different. The conventional means of dating have taken a backseat, and more and more people are opting for online dating apps. These digital platforms have allowed you to meet new people and get to know them within the comfort of your home. 

Traditional dating, although has its perks; online dating has quickly become popular among people of all age groups. Millennials and gen X are the top two groups according to dating app usage statistics. It was found through online dating statistics that 26% of millennials and 22% of the Gen X generation were regularly using online dating apps to look for a partner, while dating have a look at things to do on a date to save you some trouble

Statistics related to online dating in 2022  

In this article, you will find the difference between online and traditional dating along with the perks and downsides of looking for a partner through digital dating apps. Furthermore, interesting online dating statistics in 2022 will also be discussed in detail. 

Difference between online and traditional dating

Online Vs Traditional Dating:

The conventional means of dating requires people to physically meet another to know each other and set up a further date. However, as technology has advanced and increased number of people are spending most of their time on social media platforms. The way you interact with each other has also changed. More people now prefer to first communicate with a person online rather than spend time traveling to a place to specifically meet a person. This is a much faster way and saves a lot of time and money. 

The experience of finding a partner through traditional dating means is completely different than online dating. Going for a first date can be both an exciting and nerve-racking experience where you are required to strike up and ease into conversation smoothly. On the contrary, online dating apps give you an edge where you can take your time to come up with a response. 

Another major difference between online and traditional dating is that online dating apps have a vast number of people with different backgrounds and ethnicities. The major feature of dating apps is that you match with people that have some similarities with you. This makes it easier for you to find “the one” you are looking for. Moreover, you also save time in getting to know someone through traditional means only to realize they are not the one. 

  • According to dating app success statistics, in 2022, more than 37.2 million people will date online in the US.
  • It was found that 47.6% of women and 52.4% of men are using online dating apps.
  • A study revealed that 59% of people opt for online dating when looking for a partner. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Dating:

Online dating has become quite popular among people of all demographics. Nowadays, people are spending most of their time on social media platforms and connecting with people through them. Online dating apps are widely used by people to look for potential partners. It is no secret that online dating is still deemed negatively due to the varied experiences of different people. Besides just pros, there are cons too. Let’s look into a few of the pros and cons of online dating. 


  • Access to Larger Population:

One major advantage of online dating apps is that people from all around the world are using them. The large population on the app enables you to have access to a variety of people and connect with them on a global scale. Furthermore, you can interact with a large number of people according to your preference. 

  • Research indicates that 66% of people are in a relationship with someone they met online. 

  • Convenient:

Next comes convience. One of the reasons people are opting for online dating apps is their convenience. You can connect and interact with anyone from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to leave your house or plan an interesting meet-up to find your potential match. This saves a lot of your time, effort, and money. This is why an increased number of people prefer online dating as compared to traditional dating. 

  • It was found that over 70% of people using online dating apps had a positive first-date experience.


  • Deception:

One of the reasons online dating is still viewed in a negative light is that many people take advantage of the fact that they are hidden behind the screen. They upload pictures and information that are misleading and far from the truth. Many people have experienced that the person they meet looks very different and they end up disappointed.

  • It was found that 10% of people dating online gave up after only 3 months.
  • Statistics show that there are 10% of fake profiles on free digital dating platforms.
  • Online harassment:

In addition, to deception next comes online harassment. A major drawback of digital dating is that you don’t know the people you are interacting with and their real intentions. A lot of people have received unwanted exploit messages leaving them uncomfortable. Online dating, rarely, but at times, could be potentially dangerous as you can meet a predator abusing digital dating platforms to trap and abuse you. 

  • Study shows that 62% of people are concerned that people they interacted with online have bad intentions. 

Surprising Online Dating Statistics:

With the increased usage of online dating apps, the matchmaking and dating industry is blooming. Let’s look into some of the dating app statistics among different demographics. 

online dating

Top Online Dating Platforms:

Dating Sites% of Customers

According to dating app stats, there are over 7500 online dating sites present worldwide. According to dating app user statistics, Tinder and Bumble are leading the market with 51% and 32% of customers on their platforms.

Percentage of People Using Online Dating Site amidst Covid’19:

In addition to online platforms next comes the percentage of people’s usage of online dating sites.

Age GroupPercentage
65 and up2%

People belonging to different demographics are on these dating apps. The dating site statistics have revealed that the highest number of people using these dating forums are between the age of 30 and 44, while only 2% of people between the ages of 65 and above are on these dating sites.

Reasons People Opt For Dating Sites:

Lastly, you should know the reason because it is equally important.

To look for a potential partner49%
To have a causal relationship23%
To lift self-confidence19%
To make friends19%
Curious about the app29%

The statistics about dating apps have shown that 49% of people are using the app to find the perfect match. Whereas, 29% are just curious to know more about the app and 19% are using the online dating platform to boost their self-confidence. 


Online dating platforms have taken the world by storm. Especially during and after covid’19, a rise in online dating is seen. People belonging to different demographics, races, and gender are opting to meet new people in pursuit of finding a partner digitally. Moreover, the stigma behind online dating is slowly disappearing as more people are joining these sites. while you date make sure to look out for good and bad signs in your date, although there are a few drawbacks, the perks of online dating exceed them; which encourages people to use online dating sites to find new people.  

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