Inflation means the rise of prices in the country over a particular passage of time. It varies with the economic conditions of the country. It usually declines the purchasing power of the common man. So lets talk about effects of inflation.

Inflation decreases the value of money and causes hindrances in spending money on luxurious items. For people of average incomes or below the average line it creates difficulties in making ends meet. This ultimately leads to disturbing family lives especially the relationship between partners. While on the other hand couples also get some basic facilities when it comes to tax paying. Other legal benefits are also provided to the public who are living in relationships that are not offered for singles.

The above graph clearly shows the increasing rate of inflation in the US which has rapidly aggregated after the covid pandemic. It increased by almost 3% in 3 years. Inflation has a direct impact on relationships, especially partners. some face positive impacts while negative impacts are also observed, especially in couples with children. Following are the positive impacts of inflation on couples and the relationship between them.

Pros of inflation on couples and their relationship

1) The tax break for married couples:

Couples with unequal amounts of income can easily file for the tax break. As a result, they receive a marriage bonus which has lots of benefits in the long run. Thus inflation hits them less than the single.

2) Health insurance from the employees:

Couples whose partners are getting health insurance from their employers may get to select the cheapest and the best plan for them. This is the best economic privilege a couple with a marriage certificate can procure. In these times of inflation health insurance is more than a blessing and can easily rescue your large amount of money going to the hospital or doctors.

3) Partners are more on the side in terms of saving when both are working:

When both men and women are working, inflation can move their status slightly but a huge impact can still be rescued as the income of the first one is always there for the other one. Saving and spending go alongside.     

4) Increase in the awareness of family planning:

Due to inflation, many people are getting aware of family planning. Especially in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Where family planning was taboo but people are now getting habituated to such topics to discuss publicly. Earlier when inflation didn’t hit the people to this extent family planning was considered a sin which is comprehensively baseless.

Tax benefits, health insurance, and other such pros are impacting relationships and people are bound in their relations because of such laws. Inflation then adds more pressure to maintaining healthy companionship, Thus increasing a sense of compromise, responsibilities, and dependability.

Cons of inflation on the relationship of couples

Inflation on the other hand is responsible for many fallouts in the relationship of couples. Destroying their family lives, let alone the peace of house which every human yearns for.

Following are some consequences of inflation on couples and their relationship:

1) Devastating the peace in family life:

Mostly, the common man of average and below average incomes faces the consequences of inflation. These households are those where one man is supporting the whole family. And only he is responsible for fulfilling everybody’s needs and wishes. When inflation hits such families, relationships tend to devastate rapidly as expectations are not met and obstacles are impeding the way of a luxurious lifestyle or lifestyle that is expected. Such conditions mostly lead to regular fights and then breaking apart.

2) Kids and their upbringing:

Couples with a kid or multiple kids face more problems because of inflation rather than those without kids. Half of the income is spent on maintaining standards while the other half is spent on the education and other basic expenses of kids. Couples without kids can easily save or maintain a healthy standard of living for them than those with kids. If parents lack behind in providing them with such necessities or few luxuries, it affects the mental health of parents. As a result, both blame each other and their relationship is put at stake.

3) Less traveling results in fewer improvements in relationships:

According to a survey, traveling directly impacts new and old term relations. 67% of people answered that it is important to travel to maintain intimacy and romance and freshen up their relationship. Due to inflation traveling is almost not possible for average-income households and has become only a dream for below-average-income households. This has of course impacted many relationships as they fail to freshen up the essence of their relationship. With all of this going on grab some questions to ask your boyfriend or girfliend to make your relationship freshen up and excited again.

4) Display of wealth on social media:

In today’s world of social media where every other person claims to be an influencer and blogger, it has become mandatory for them to display and exhibit their money on different social media platforms. Inflation when hits such people and they are unable to dangle and flaunt their expensive makeup products, designer dresses, high-end bags, branded jewelry, lavish eat-outs, and their latest gadgets because they are no longer able to buy them, which affects their mental health. Thus it ends up in parting their ways, causing them to regret their whole life. There are effects of social media on couples grab them so you know it beforehand so you can prevent things that might affect your relationship.

5) Excess work results in a lack of time dedicated to partner:

Due to inflation, every person is working more than ever and it results in a lack of attention and time given to partners. Attention and care are the key aspects of every relationship and if one of them is missing then the whole essence of love is blurred. People have burdened themselves with work to maintain their standard of living while their relationships are on the verge of drifting apart. To prevent and solve these such issues have a look at how to solve relationship problems

Thus from the above points, you can easily identify the advantages and consequences of inflation and their reverberations on the relationships of couples.

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