Social media surely does connect us, but there are consequences one has to face. Social media can affect your relationship in both ways, positive and negative. The effects of social media on relationships are more than we can think of. Social media has made it possible for us to share our relationships with the world. It can be both positive and negative. Sharing too much on social media will lead to less intimacy.

At the same time if you share little about your relationship it can cause people to question its genuineness of it. Social media is a simple reality of modern life. t has made its way into our everyday lives. It has a way into our hobbies and jobs, to friendship and romantic relationships. It also has an impact on E-health and your mental health. Social media affects relationships with partners if it is being used 24/7. You can easily communicate with your partner and at the same time, you can see their daily doing or happenings and feel more connected. Let’s look at the effects of social media.

Positive effects of social media on relationships


The Impact of social media has the potential to negatively impact your relationship but it impacts your relationship positively.  If the couple had a long-distance relationship for some time, social media will help them stay connected and feel attached and connected. The couple will have easy access to their partner’s life and moment. Social media has become meaningful in a part of your relationship as what we do behind closed doors.

Advantages and effects of social media on couples

1. Social media helps you find a partner

In this digital world, we live in it is not uncommon anymore for people to meet online or through dating apps. Now it is really common for people to meet each other through social media. Now scrolling through tinder profiles you can quickly find someone with a shared interest or maybe you both have been to the same place which can start the get-to-know.

2. Social media helps you stay connected 

This is particularly for those couples who are in long-distance relationships. It could be sending a meme on Instagram or sending a quick snap. Social media is the easiest way in this digital world for couples to interact throughout the day in a very fun and low-pressure manner. You can easily connect with your loved ones. Ones that are not near you. Social media gives the partners the idea of how their partners are getting on and gives the couple something to talk about when they meet each other in person.

3. It will help you stay up to date

Social media helps couples to stay up to date even if they don’t meet daily. You have an overall awareness of what your partner is paying attention to. And who they are interacting with on social media platforms. If you know what your partner is interested in and what they are up to then you have a healthy relationship.

 4. Social media creates memories 

In this world full of technology social media have the feature of storing memories. You post them so even if you have weak memories the social media platform will provide you with memories that you can look back on with your partner and think of those lovely days. Although memories of personal experiences improve and increase when they post their memories on social media. So not just social media creates memories for you so you can look back on it but also improves your memory.

Negative effects of social media on relationships 


There are many pros and cons of social media that your girlfriend or your boyfriend might not know about. Social media can wreak havoc on your relationship. In recent years harmful effects of social media on individuals have been growing. Some of the negative effects caused by social media on relationships include jealousy, missed connections, Conflicts, the danger of pubbing, decreased time with a partner and so many more.

Disadvantages and effects of social media on couples

1. The danger of phubbing

One of the biggest disadvantages of social media in relationships is “pubbing”. It stands for phone snubbing which means either one of the partners or both partners tend to ignore each other because of the addiction to using the phone and social media. 51% of people say their partner is often or sometimes distracted by their cellphone while they are trying to have a conversation with them, The increased regularity of pubbing can lead to a lack of communication between the couple, or most likely, a breakdown of the relationship. An estimated 210 million smartphone users are suffering from this Internet addiction and it is now really common and is still increasing. It might not lead couples to be silent but they seem to slowly be disinterested in any kind of interaction and this can especially damage every new relationship.

2. Decreased Time With a Partner

It is understood by now that social media impacts relationships by decreasing the amount and quality of time with partners. Social media effects on relationships are distractions, irritation, and decreasing time spent with a partner. 40% of people say they are at least sometimes bothered by the amount of time their partner spends on their mobile device.

3. Jealousy

Social media causes a thing called “retroactive jealousy” which is also a disadvantage of social media. 23% of people say they have felt jealous or unsure of their relationship because of the way their current partner interacts with others on these sites Social media creates jealousy in such a way that if your partner Interacts with exes or someone they were attracted to and that may create jealousy in you.

4. Conflict Being Created From Disagreements or Hurt Feelings

Some couples may create conflicts regarding some beliefs for example that your partner may believe that exes should be blocked from social media while you might disagree. Similarly, you might not want something your partner posted that you didn’t want to be shared or vice versa. All these kinds of things may lead to feeling hurt and then creating conflicts.


In conclusion, social media can neither be too good nor too bad. It simply gives us the results on how frequently you use social media and phones. Hopefully, by reading all of the things mentioned above you can implement changes in your life if needed.

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