Do you ever think of what couples could do together that is fun, interesting, engaging, and new? We have an idea for you, try challenges! Challenging will increase excitement and allow you to spend quality time with your spouse/partner. It will help both the partners to have a bond well which will in the end lead to having the foundation of your bond strengthened.

Challenge each other with fun and new games, dares, or tasks so that the intimacy and flame get charged up for romance with your partner. 

Questions Challenges for Couples

Challenges for couples

Funny Questions Challenge

First comes funny questions. Ask each other funny questions to discover more than ” getting to know you”.  Make an effort  to know your girlfriend/boyfriend even better

Deep Questions

You might not be able to stay up to date on our partner’s life due to our busy work schedules on laptops and phones. Ask your partner deep questions to connect to them.

Romantic Questions 

Be a good listener.  It will always be a good time to learn more about your partner.  Asking Romantic questions to your partner and it will deepen your bond. 

One Word  Answer Questions 

Ask your partner word question One after one and take turns. It’ll be really fun.

2. Couple Cool Game Challenges Ideas

Staring Contest

It’s the easiest and quick game to play with your girlfriend/boyfriend or it could be your wife or husband. The rule is to stare into each other’s eyes and whoever blinks first gets to have a punishment. This starting game will help you to develop deeper trust,  great intimacy, and attraction. 

Truth or Dare

This game never gets old, right? This game is one of the best game challenges for couples to do/play at home.

Never Have I Ever 

This is a cool game. It involves a lot of fun. This is the perfect game to kill your boredom. Write “never” on one side of the card and “I have” on the other side and that is it.  You’re all set to go!

Card Games

There are many fun activities for couples and card games are one of them. There is a variety of card games you can play in your relationship with your partner. A few interesting games include:

  • Monopoly 
  • Uno 
  • Crowns
  • Five

3. Fun Physical Fitness Challenges For Adults/Couples

Weight Challenge

Challenges each other to lift weights for a min. Add another weight on your partner, do this, and set the timer until your partner gives up now comes your turn to break the record and if you don’t, you get to treat your partner to an expensive meal or if you win it your partner gets to give you a treat of an expensive meal or maybe you can choose what you want if your partner loses.

Fitness Chart  Challenge

This challenge could be really fun to lose weight. Prepare a diet for a week and do a couple of workouts together every day for a week. Target a weight you both want to achieve, whoever gets the closest to the target, wins. 

4. Indoor Activities Challenge for Couples

Cook Together Challenge

Lovely couple making salad in the kitchen.

Challenge each other to cook things that you haven’t ever tried. Go buy groceries together. This act of cooking will bring you both together, moreover it will be fun, intimate, something new and connecting.

Sing With Water in Your Mouth Challenge

If you think you can sing, try singing with water in your mouth. Your task is to sing with water in your mouth and you have to make your partner guess the song or else you lose the round!

Pringles Taste Test Challenge

In this challenge what you have to do is to collect all of the flavors of pringles you can. Blindfold your partner and feed them every pringle and ask them to guess the flavor, then comes your turn to do the same and then see who got most of the flavors correct and that person wins. In addition, the one who lost can have a punishment.

Guess the Smell Challenge

Next comes the smell challenge. Both partners should put together strong-smelling items, blindfold your partner and let them sniff and let them guess what they are smelling.  Whoever loses has to deal with the outcome.  Best of luck!

Try Not to Laugh Challenge

It is really simple.  All you have to do is not to laugh. Play the funniest video on YouTube and try not to laugh. You will have 3 tries and if you make it to the end of the video then you win. Hurray!

The Floor is Lava Challenge 

Lastly, this is a fun and exciting challenge to play with your partner if you have more energy besides, All that you have to do is speak ” The floor is lava” when your partner is least expecting it. Once you have said it your partner is somehow supposed to get off the floor by jumping on the couch, on the bed, on a  chair, or who cares about your cause the floor is lava right? Notice how quickly your partner reacts and admire your partner’s skills


We finally hope you get to try all of the fun and exciting challenges with your husband/ wife or boyfriend/ girlfriend and have a great time. I hope you can see how these challenges are fun and how these challenges will help to grow your relationship. It will be more interesting when you record yourselves, we should try to store our loved ones because memories are invaluable. Leave a comment below on how it went.

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