We will guide you on how to know the good and bad signs of your date to see if you should go for a second date or not. But before going on the one you should know the things to know before a date.

Top 5 Good first date signs

You finally had a first date but you are not sure if your date enjoyed it. And you did really like your date but you don’t know if your date feels the same way. There are many signs of a good first date in which we will discuss the top 5 of them.

1. The date lasted much longer than expected

One of the biggest good signs that your date went amazing is that it lasted much more than expected. So when your date exceeds longer than anticipated, congratulate yourself because you have found someone interesting. Moreover that someone that made you forget about everything and hours went by just like minutes.

2. The two of you laughed a lot

Did you know shared laughter is the ultimate sign of connection? Study shows that laughing at the other person’s joke is usually a sign of dating Interest in that person. If you’re laughing together that’s even better. There’s research was done found that if two people are laughing at the same time they have more likely and have more chances to have a romantic relationship.

 3. Made eye contact with one another

There was no such awkwardness. You and your date were equally comfortable looking them in the eye and making eye contact and it felt nice. It almost felt like magic. Making eye contact is one of the most subtle signs a first date is going well and fantastic.

4. There was physical contact 

Did you know making a physical and gentle touch on the first date indicates care, interest, and respect for another person you? Both of you making a physical touch is an indicator that you both are into each other.

 5. No urge to reach for your phone once

You both were so invested in each other that you didn’t feel the need to check on your phones. Instead, you both talked like it was the most interesting and important conversation you were having and could not be missed. Plus it is a great first date when you realize you haven’t reached out for your phone in the last hour and a half or maybe two hours.

Top 5 bad first date signs

There are plenty of signs that it had been a bad date. You will notice plenty of red flags that you will acknowledge if you are paying attention. It is always not apparent who a person is on a first date so we will mention the top 5 bad first date signs that you need to pay attention to and you might be thinking “oh boy this will not end well”.

1. The date showed up late

Punctuality means more than you think to date. So if your date arrives late you should know that either he is just passing time or he is not interested in anything serious. Being late on a date is a big deal because it indirectly indicates that your time is more important than that person and their time. It’s all about respecting the other when you are dating. Give your date extra brownie points if they show up on time cause it indicates that the date values you.

2. The date takes out their phone

  • Do not take your phone out 
  • Do not take your phone out 

If you see your date taking their phone out you should know that it is not a good sign because it is rude of your date. The date is probably not listening to you and engaging themselves on their phone.

3. There’s a lot of silence… like… a lot

It is troubling when your date is having trouble holding a conversation. It is okay to have an awkward silence. You do it because you are nervous. But if your date is behaving like a wall just empty and not at all there even though you ask a good question or pass a nice comment then there is no spark and the date is not going well.

4. The date is boring as hell

Woman disinterested in a blind date at an outdoor cafe.

Dates are all about getting to know each other. If your date gives you lazy answers, it is similar to getting a text saying “k”. If your date is boring lame and going nowhere then it is not going to work out. When you see your date lacks facial expressions and does not have any body language then there is no chance of you going on a second date hell leave the date without any explanations and justifications.

5. Wandering eyes

It is not a good signal if you are finding your date frequently looking at the sky or looking over your shoulder instead of you. If your date is not focused on you and looking around when you are talking to them then why are you even still sitting there? Your date shouldn’t be looking around very much at all. The date should have their eyes on you if they want to show clear romantic interest and if they are not looking at you then one hint is enough for a wise person. 

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