Sometimes it is necessary for couples to take a break from their stressful life, routines, and schedules. Couples should spend quality time with the person they love and go for a romantic getaway. And what is a better way than traveling? Let’s just opt for the U.S.

America is a wonderful country that is filled with romantic getaways and destinations for couples that should be on every couple’s bucket list. It does not matter if you have been in a relationship for a long time. If or have been married for decades now, romantic places/getaways or destinations are one of the best ways to keep the spark alive and ignite all the time.

Nowadays there is nothing like a couple’s vacation.  Because of the pandemic and couples staying and spending a lot of time with their partner in the home. There is nothing for couples to reset in the relationship and remember why they fell in love in the first place.

There are surely the best romantic cities like Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam but they count in Europe. It is now necessary for you and your sweetheart to plan the ideal romantic retreat, whether it’s because of an anniversary or just because you both feel the need to. America offers a really nice ambiance, privacy, and access to couple-friendly activities and is ranked as the best romantic getaway in the USA. So use the list below for your one-on-one vacation to have the best trip you and your partner could have ever imagined.

Best romantic getaways in the U.S

1.  Kauai

Did you know Kauai is known as the garden island? It is an ideal setting for romance because of the profusion of tropical blooms and lush foliage. It is one of the best tropical vacation spots. Kauai is a true heaven on earth. It is filled with jagged cliffs, lush and beautiful valleys, and paradisiacal beaches. It is the top pick for the most beautiful island in Hawaii.

This place attracts couples due to its best beaches, roaring waterfalls, and unforgettable sunsets. Kauai is a natural place and it draws couples that are seeking romance in their life. It is easy for couples to feel amorous when there is the natural beauty around them. You can come here for your best 5-year anniversary vacation.

2. Lanai

While you both will be in Lanai you both would feel like two you are alone with the Hawaiian island breeze. Lanai is a very small island. It offers amazing food, great service for couples and it has amazing weather. Lanai is the perfect trip for you.

This is one of the recommended vacations for couples. It is hard to beat in romance. Tropical forests and sunsets and sandy beaches will leave both partners breathless. It is a must-do vacation for those who are looking for a romantic getaway. This will turn out to be one of the best couples’ getaway destinations.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

Further comes New Orleans

New Orleans is a perfect choice for the United States romantic getaways because of its beautiful French quarter region and has definitely no shortage of sights. There is a lot more to this city than a massive carnival couple could enjoy the fullest. It is a gorgeous city full of views, and an experience abroad with a real-life steam-powered sternwheeler.

You both can sip coffee in Cafe Beignet, ride old streetcars, and can tour some of the old city center homes. There are some fantastic romantic restaurants in this city for couples evening out. Whatever you chose to do you will find this a perfect romantic city for you and your partner.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best romantic getaways in the United States. It is a beautiful place to fall in love and a gorgeous place for you to take the special love of your life to. There are quite a couple of myriad places to take a stroll and have picnics. Watch sunsets while being on the beach. You can set a picnic at Golden gate, Presidio, or Delores parks. As soon as the stars and the beautiful moon come out you can opt for a romantic dinner and a couple of cocktails in North Beach.

Moreover, you both can work up an appetite by visiting many twinkling light art installations scattered all over the city. You both can see a show there or can go for a walk hand in hand with your partner or maybe watch the swans paddle by. But whatever you choose to do in San Francisco it is surely going to bring out the romance in your vacation and holiday. It will end up as the best vacation for couples and the best getaway weekends for couples if you both are facing some relationship problems with your partner.

5. Boothbay Harbour, Maine

Boothbay Harbor is a town in Lincoln County, Maine, United States. It is region is a popular yachting and tourist destination.

Finally now comes Boothbay Harbour. If you are looking for the best couple beach destinations or wonderful places to go for couples then Boothbay Harbour is the best choice. It is a quick getaway vacation for couples. If you both partners are looking for the best romantic places in the United States, Boothbay Harbour is it.

It might not be the first town that comes to your mind but it should! and then there is so much cool stuff to do there, moreover it is an amazing place. Besides the rocky shore of the Atlantic Ocean, it is an idyllic place to step back in time and get lost with the view and the presence of the person you are in love with.

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