No matter at what stage you are in your relationship, it is essential for you to take your time out for the person you love. You should make your partner feel special. But most of us do not even thank our partners for simply being awesome. Do great things for your partner to make them feel loved and valued.

A small token of love and appreciation can make your partner’s day. It can make your partner feel great. It also will make your relationship even deeper and stronger.

Things you could do  for your partner

1. Go down to the farmer’s market 

couple in market looking out for some fresh veggies

Pick up some fresh vegetables and fruits, go home and cook something favorite of both of you, something seasonal together. They also might offer stalls and food trucks and so you both eat there too.

2. Go on a double date

Both the couples enjoy lunch in a restaurant together. Drinking water and talking. Making selfies with smartphone. They are friends from elementary school and have some kind of reunion.

Go on another date from all the other ones with another fun couple, maybe a couple that’s your friends or whoever you want to go with.

3. Write each other a love letter

A love note is being written by the wife to her husband who isn’t the city currently

You might write a letter to yourself but if you think, have you written a love letter to your spouse, partner, girlfriend/ boyfriend or husband/wife?. Write a handwritten note, seal it with a kiss and leave it an unexpected place for your partner to find.

4. Binge-watch a new tv series 

Young attractive couple sitting at home, eating popcorn and binge watching

With all this busy schedule and tired days nowadays, have you been spending quality time with your partner? Cuddling and snuggling? Watch some shows with your partner while having snacks.

5. Walk hand in hand in rainy weather

Full length rear view of couple walking hand in hand on beach during sunset.

Walking hand in hand is a romantic gesture besides doing it in romantic weather will be a plus. So the next time clouds hit the sky hold your partner’s hand and walk hand in hand.

6. Buy your partner a small present outside of a special occasion 

Presenting to girlfriend just randomly.

Give gifts to your partner out of the blue and make your partner feel appreciated and loved.

7. Buy your partner a book you think your partner will love

The girls boyfriend reading a book that has been gifted to him.

Buy your soulmate a book and then leave it on the nightstand for them to read it before they sleep. You can read it first too and mark your fav lines and scenes so when your partner comes to it they would know this was your fav thing about this chap or how would you be imagining that scene?

8. Come up with nicknames for each other

Couple sitting together in lounge enjoying the breeze.

Calling out each other by their nickname will bring a smile out on your partner’s and your face as well. So it is a great, lovely, and romantic thing to do with your significant other.

9. Do things that you both enjoy 

great things
Couple doing things together that they both enjoy.

There are many things couples should do together. Do them and then have the best time with each other.

11. Try challenges with your partner

Couple trying out different things with their partner.

One of the things that you could do is to try challenges with your partner

12. Have a workout together with your partner

Couple working out.

Have a workout with your loved one and try to have a healthy and balanced life.

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