Getting over post-breakup trauma is not an easy thing for a woman! It demands high-end power, emotional intelligence, and much more effort to get over everything that may cause women an abundance of trauma, hypertension, and whatnot!

In this blog post, we have gathered some tips and tricks shared by experts to help those struggling with their breakups memories. If you are looking for how to get over your crush or past couple relationship, this guide is designed to help you out.

Whether you are struggling with a bad relationship or having panic attacks due to your recent breakup, our tips and tricks will help you overcome the breakup. So, let’s get straight into it!

How could a woman get over a breakup – 6 Best Tips?

Withdrawing is not an easy thing for us all! We get connected to people and with their memories, and these memories keep us rolling in terms of short and long-term reminders. In addition to this, we need to understand that not all breakups are highly traumatic; rather, we can pen down some positive aspects of our bad experiences that will further help us reshape ourselves.

1. Reconnect With Your Past Interests:

We all have to sacrifice something to nourish a relationship, right? If this is the case, reconnecting with those habits and hobbies can help us find our lost selves. Especially if you are a woman, having a diverse nature can surely help you find what you have to lose from yourself. This includes painting, singing, making handicrafts, cooking, or anything that reconnects you with your past dots.

2. Get Rid Of Past Memories:

According to experts, our memories with loved ones keep us rolling into a bad relationship. However, we can overcome this if we have the stamina and willpower to erase all the bad or good memories of our relationship.

3. Uplift Your Self-Esteem:

Lifting yourself to esteem is the essential thing that one should uphold! This is can be done in numerous ways. Hence, Yoga can be the best help, or you can even join the gym for a constant workout. It will keep you busy with healthy activities, avoid alcohol consumption, and much more.

4. Cut Off All Ties With Your Partner:

We sometimes believe that keeping in touch with our partner will help us, but in reality, it will prolong the ache we are suffering. Thereby experts say that one should, whether man or woman, cut off all ties and relationship baggage with your partner. This will help you form successful stages of relationships in your next turn.

In addition, cutting off digital ties with them will also help you get rid of memories with your partner. Whether you have memories in terms of videos, audio, photos, gift cards, or any form, make sure to delete them all to make a sturdy move on an attempt.

5. Take a Break From Social Media:

Taking a break from social media can help you find a better escape from bad memories associated with your relationship. Having social media off won’t let you make any connection, whether it is stalking your ex’s profile, sharing stories, or having any glimpse via news feed updates.

But you must think about why one should cut off social media ties when you can block your ex, right? Social media has become a small village where everyone is connected, and having your ex glimpse from a mutual friend’s newsfeed is a common thing that will surely push you back off.

6. Deal with a breakup alone:

Dealing with breakups alone with a selfish partner is essential because involving others will create a room for sharing and talking about your ex. In this way, you won’t be able to eliminate all those triggers that can stimulate your emotions completely. Hence, make sure not to share with anyone and try to deal with breakups alone.

Things Not To Do After Breakup?

Breaking up is one of the most painful experiences in any one life. The behavior and attitude of people changed after the breakup. There are many helpful policies to help you come back into your life after the breakup and many things not to do after the breakup. 

Things Not To Do After Breakup?

1.    Don’t Share Your Ex Secrets:

Big people always avoid bad-mouthing, so after the breakup, be bigger and keep your mouth shut. Bad-mouthing your ex will only hurt you. Don’t share your ex’s secrets with anyone.   

2.    Don’t Isolate Yourself:

When you isolate yourself after the breakup, you may go into depression and anxiety, so don’t isolate yourself, go for outings and spend leisure time with your family and friends.   

3.    Don’t use substances like alcohol:

Substances like alcohol are very dangerous for your mental and physical health. It is very important to avoid alcohol and other substances after the breakup.don’t deal your emotions with harmful activities. 


Breaking up is very harsh and painful for everyone. Most people fall into a ditch with depression after the break up with their spouse. They can’t do anything and don’t participate in any life-living activity. There is no end to life after the breakup. A therapist can better help you to come back on track. Take some exercise, eat healthy food and avoid the memories of the past. It is very difficult to come back from grief very soon, but you will have to return on the right track. If your heart is broken, don’t allow it to ruin your whole life. Life is a big blessing from GOD.

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