The supportive partner holds an important place in a life of an individual since the relationship helps you to live a mentally and physically healthy and peaceful life. In this topic, we mean the term “relationship” as a “romantic relationship” commonly built by couples. The relationship helps bring emotional bonding and tons of happiness, ending your loneliness, building self-confidence, and fulfilling the deprivations of life. 

It’s difficult and miserable for an individual to survive without a relationship. Therefore, everyone has been engaged in some relationships. Some couples have started dating, some have got married, some have got engaged and some are happy and satisfied being girlfriend and boyfriend.

Everyone willing to tie in a relationship or has already been tied will surely desire a meaningful, strong, ideal relationship. Qualities of a strong and meaningful relationship encompass open communication, mutual respect, honesty, compromise, intimacy, mutual trust, fulfilling commitments, etc. Among these factors, being supportive in your relationship is as necessary as water is for fish. You can say a relationship is incomplete without the mutual support of couples.

In this article, you will learn about the significance of being a supportive partner and how to be supportive in a relationship.

Significance of being in a supportive relationship

supportive partner
Significance of being in a supportive relationship

Every healthy and strong relationship is built on a foundation of mutual understanding and mutual support. Your support works like a strong shield that protects your partner from every sort of mental illness. Your support will make your partner think there is someone behind them who is so understanding, compassionate, and concerned about them. This feeling brings more courage and energy in them to fight through tough times. When your partner is in a difficult phase of life and struggling hard to get out, at this point, your partner is imperatively in need of your support and encouragement.

They may not find anything as useful as the support you have given. This stressful time can become a big opportunity for both partners to get closer and attached to each other by using emotional support.  Researchers estimate that only 10% of marriages in the US are highly healthy and happy. There are a few strategies for couples that couples must utilize to get more intimate and closer to their supportive partner.

Emotion handling skills

Stress brings a massive amount of irritability, anxiety, and disappointments in your behavior. And this behavior can ruin your relationship. So, you must be skillful in handling your frustration and anger. Through handling the fluctuation of emotions, one can learn to rule over the heart of their significant other.

Be the strength

Signs of a supportive partner determine that they will always remain with you at your toughest time, no matter how bad the situation. One should always be in the back of their partner anyhow, even when one doesn’t agree with your partner’s point of view. It will make your partner trust blindly on you, and they will feel secure and comfortable in your company. Your partner will never hesitate to share the problems they are going through.

Avoid communication gap

The communication gap brings so much distance between the couples, and they eventually decide to part ways away. Therefore, you should be attentive when your partner needs to speak with you. Keep your cell phones aside while sitting with your partner. Ask your boyfriend questions and girlfriend meaningful questions, ask how they feel about you, and show your concerns toward their answers. This type of your support may lighten the mental burden on your partner’s mind. 

Reflect back 

While having a conversation with your partner, talk about something once again that has already been discussed. It will make your partner feel happy. They will feel like there is someone who is listening to their heart. They will not feel neglected. 

Don’t hurry in offering advice 

While listening to your partner, never interrupt them while speaking, even if your partner is at fault. Take some time and then offer a piece of advice when your partner asks you for your consultancy. It may lead to a strong understanding of your relationship. And next time, you will be top on the list of those your partner trust a lot, and he will first come to you to discuss the matter causing trouble to them.

Hearing about how essential it is to be mutually supportive for a healthy relationship, you must wonder how to be supportive of your partner. Listed below are some suggestions on how to be supportive in a relationship.

Suggestions on how to be supportive in a relationship

Suggestions Of How To Be Supportive In A Relationship

1. Responsive Listening

To listen responsively, you need to listen to the matter being attentive. Participate in the conversation with interest and concentration. 

It has been proved by research that half of the stress vanishes just by seeing your partner taking an interest in what you’re speaking.

2. Determining what’s the best time to involve in the matter

If you feel that your partner is going through a tough time, and you should involve in the matter to get it sorted out, keep patience. Although you intend to remove your partner from the trouble, your partner may not feel comfortable, and it might make him feel like you are over-interfering in their life. So, supporting them by encouraging them whenever they get exhausted is better.

3. Give a little space

When you see your partner exhausted and tired, give him some space. Let him spend some time alone with himself. Being with him 24/7 will irritate him, and he may get annoyed and uncomfortable being in your company. 

4. Behave empathetically

If your husband feels exhausted and sometimes gets harsh on you after returning home, don’t treat him the same as he has been treating you. This harsh behavior of your husband is not a sign of an unsupportive husband. He has behaved like this due to the stress of workload. Try to understand how much your partner has to go through daily that he gets that much tired. Consider yourself in place of him.

All your disappointment and anger will finally vanish when you know how much effort your partner is making to improve and improve your lifestyle. The same goes for your wife. Your wife also works tirelessly taking care of your home and your kids. She also sometimes gets frustrated and behaves rudely. Treat her with love, plan date nights, take her to dinner, and bring gifts. There are many more options to spice up your relationship, which has turned dull due to the busy schedule and tough routine.

5. Work on yourself

Work on yourself

Being tied in a relationship, you are committed to being with each other in good and bad times. When your partner is stuck in some problem, and possibly he may need you. Being stuck in your troubles and worries, how can you support anyone else if your mind isn’t stress-free? So it would help if you tried to get free from your problems first so that you can give time and complete concentration in sorting out his situation.

6. Love them in the way they are already

When things get rough and tough sometimes, and there is a fight between the couple, it’s not a bad idea to play your wedding highlights and old videos and pictures of making couple goals on your home theatre setup. It will drop you to flashbacks of good times. Remember the scenario of the surprise proposal, remember how you both fell in love, remember the places you both visited, and made memories with each other.

It will surely remind you of the good qualities of your significant other, due to which you chose them to be your life partner. It will work great and results in ending up the fight. Express your love. Say that you love them limitlessly repeatedly, no matter how bad the situation will get. Supporting your partner will make you the best life partner your better half could ever find.

7. Making your dreams come true

Whenever sitting together having a sweet and romantic conversation, ask your partner about their ambitions, targets, goals, and dreams for the future and often remind them that you are always with them, and keep supporting them as far as life takes you. It will give your partner long-lasting encouragement and energy in making their dreams come true.

8. Say gentle words

Sometimes when your better half is too tired. And your little appreciation is enough to boost their self-esteem and refill their energy. You may not need to say something wordy or complex. You may use some simple sentences like I am sure you can do it, I trust you, you work really hard. These statements feel heartwarming to your spouse and fill their hearts with tons of happiness.

9. Apologize when you are wrong

Never hesitate to say sorry to your partner when you make a mistake. Don’t let your ego come into your relationship as ego only damages and worsen the relationship. Your ego will never let you take the lead in resolving the relationship which results in a communication gap between the couple.

10. Celebrate accomplishments

Romantic couple holding hands at the bar staring at each other’s eyes

When your spouse has got promoted in his job or accomplished any of his goals, always celebrate and when they get stuck in any trouble, encourage them so that they may feel that you are the companion of every joy and sorrow. Your kind words will directly affect deeply to their heart, making them realize that no one can care and love them as much as you.

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