If you want to feel loved, attached, and connected to your partner, the tips that are mentioned below will surely help you to build a happy, healthy, alive, and satisfying relationship.

Surely all relationships go through many ups and downs and they all need patience, dedication, faith, and willingness to acclimatize and adapt to the change with your partner but don’t give up even if you have struggled in the past.

Things Couples Should Add to Their Naughty Bucket List to Spice Up Their Relationship

1. Make a New Hobby Together

Cook a Meal Together

One of the most asked questions by couples in a relationship is “what are fun things to do as a couple” so here you go, cooking together at home won’t just keep you healthy and fit but you’ll also feel good about your body and yourself which will lead you to be more affectionate and intimate with your partner so much more easily and that will keep your bond bold and strong.

Take Dance Classes Together

Dance with your partner

Dancing together helps both partners to learn about each other. It helps to break up a dull week or day, it’ll be great exercise. Both the partners will get such an experience that just the two of you will share.

2. Intimate Acts Couples Could Do

Take a Shower Together

Taking a shower together itself has many benefits. The one ticklish spot you couldn’t reach will be found but besides this, while showering together, you will be bound to trust your partner with all of your insecurities, and that overall increases and gains trust in the relationship. You will soon realize how the small sweet gestures such as kisses, hugs, and touches meant a lot, but sometimes it may lead to other intimate things which will overall make your day a lot easier to deal with plus showering is one of the most romantic things couples do together.

Touch Your partner When You Sleep

The answer to the Question of “what couples do in a relationship” will be answered at this point.

According to a UK study,” Sharing a bed snuggled up to your partner means you’re more likely to be in a happy relationship”

Levels of Oxycontin increase when one makes physical contact with the partner, call it a cuddle chemical or love hormone but it does wonders. Cuddling, snuggling, and touching bring comfort to both partners and improve the mood along with removing the stress that the body had been carrying throughout the day. It spices up your relationship very much.

Feed Each Other

A beautiful couple in love is sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and eating cheesecake. A young woman is feeding her man. Looking softly at each other.

One of the things couples can do is feed each other. It’s a very romantic gesture. It’s a sign of social intimacy. A study has shown feeding food to each other has physical contact that increases romantic judgment from 74% to 90%. It is the strongest sign of intimacy that will start from sharing a plate to a shared Spotify account which will lead to a shared apartment and at last a shared last name, doesn’t that sound beautiful? Don’t miss out on this point that a couple can do without putting much effort which will surely spice up your relationship.

Give Each Other a Massage

Give your partner a massage

One of the stay at home ideas for couples is to give massages to each other. It is a very good way to strengthen the bond between both partners. It not only creates intimacy with your partner but also lowers stress and anxiety along with encouraging feelings of affection which will also make you appreciate your partner’s efforts.

Date Ideas for Couples

Plan a Surprise Date

Some of the cute ideas for a date night or fun ideas for a date night are to go skiing, go bowling, set up a mini picnic, and at last go to try a new restaurant. The important thing about a date night in a relationship is that a couple gets to experience better communication, the friendship bond increases, it resolves arguments, increases the level of understanding and surely it makes one happy as well as boosts intimacy.

Watch A Sunset Together

on of your naughty bucket list
Watch a sunset with you partner.Add it in your naughty bucket list

Sunsets are viewed as “romantic”. Another romantic date idea your girlfriend/ partner would love is watching sunsets together and it’s one of the fun outdoor activities for couples. Sunsets refer to love and so it drives romantic feelings

All sunsets are beautiful when viewed with the love of your life

4. Games Couples Can Play

Play “Would You Rather”

Playing “would you rather” will eventually open up a lot of new, different, and interesting conversations. This way you will learn more about your partner and maybe even more about yourself. The would you rather questions will maybe have you both thinking about the cute, embarrassing, or even disgusting memories and it may bring out a child in you.

Play “Naked Truths”

It is a game in which you have to tell the complete truth. It is a game of fun, edgy, personal, and many other questions. So playing it with your partner can help you know a whole lot of things that you might already be curious about.

Cute Things Couples Should Do

Never Stop Flirting

One of the fun things to do in a relationship is to flirt with each other. Flirt because it’s fun and will bring the quickest and easiest smile to your partner’s face. It’ll remind you about the things you love about your partner. Having a really good flirt will not only help you remind of all the things you find in your partner attractive which makes the relationship even stronger but also the anticipation will make your sex life so much more amazing. One of the easiest romantic things a couple can do is to flirt.

Check Each Other Out

Checking each other out can be added to the naughty bucket list and to the list of cute things couples do. Make sure to look up and down your partner’s body to make them feel loved and attractive and don’t forget to make sure they see you checking them out.


If you are a couple who has been looking to do things in a relationship to spice up your bond, now you have a menu of things you can easily do. So now we have got you pretty well covered. You might get a chance to see something new about each other. Whether it is entertainment, adventure, fitness, or travel, our list will help you bring your partner even closer to you as well as add another exciting aspect to your relationship.

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