There is no specific stage of a relationship where you can tell that your partner would be selfish. It is a really wonderful experience to be in a romantic relationship with someone you are in love with and care about. Moreover, this experience makes you dependent on your partner without being judged or used. Besides this, you can be vulnerable with your partner too knowing that your partner cares for you and won’t use it against you. But having a selfish partner in a romantic relationship can affect your life and your partner’s as well.

It may cause you stress and discomfort without acknowledging the signs. And you will not be able to recognize the signs that your partner is being selfish. It can cause severe resentment.

We will be mentioning the signs that could be in your partner being selfish in the relationship you both share.

Selfish Partner
Guy is being selfish and is being ignoranttoward his partner.

Signs that your partner is selfish

Your partner makes the decision 

The boyfriend is trying to force his decisions on his girlfriend. And his girlfriend has lost her cool.

Every time you and your partner discuss something that needs to have proper communication your partner ends up deciding whatever your partner has thought of, has planned, and wants to do. Your say doesn’t really matter in front of your partner and your partner finds ways to dismiss you. You end up giving up on your happiness for your partner, which may not happen once.

If this happens multiple times. Or almost every time then this isn’t a healthy sign. You can look over the signs of being in a happy relationship so that you are well aware of what should and should not be happening in a relationship for your mental and emotional health. It could slowly lead to resentment which can destroy a relationship.

Your partner is controlling

The girlfriend is tired of her controlling boyfriend while he is trying to force his decisions on his girlfriend.

Next comes controlling partner. If your partner would be Selfish, your partner would set very high expectations for you. And if those expectations are not met your partner will probably judge you. This is also one of the signs of being in a relationship with a selfish partner. Your partner will expect you to inform them of everything you do as if the partner is more of a guardian.

Furthermore, he/she would expect you to notify him/her a day before if you’re going to a salon or you are going out with your friends. This is controlling what you have to recognize.  Many people think that their partner is taking measures and being protective of them but there is a thin line in between being protective and controlling and you should be able to recognize it.

Your partner threatens to end the relationship

The boyfriend threating his partner to clean and serve him otherwise he will end the relationship.

If your partner threatens you that he/she will end the relationship every now and then this is one of the biggest signs of your partner being selfish. If your partner asks you to do something and you, being an individual, decide something else for yourself, your partner would not like that and would directly threaten to end the relationship if it doesn’t go his/her way.

Moreover, If you feel bound in the relationship then it is a sign that you should start to reconsider your relationship with your partner that you share. If there is no trust in a relationship then it is better for it to end or make it right. You can grab questions to ask your boyfriend or questions to ask your girlfriend to know what kind of mentality and image he/she has set for you. You can also build hobbies that are for couples to give your relationship a new start. 

You always apologize after arguments and fights

Boyfriend always apologising while his partner is showing no appreciation.

If you feel like the word “sorry” does not exist in your partner’s dictionary, you should take it as a sign of your partner being selfish. Moreover if you think that your partner thinks that apologizing is backing down and admitting that they are wrong it is something that needs your attention. If you find yourself apologising even if it is not your fault then consider it a sign of your partner being are emotionally being manipulated that you are always wrong. And it is hard for you to swallow your pride and apologise for the sake of the relationship.

If you are being blamed foreverything then be aware of what is now supposed to have your attention.happy couples fight too and they makeup and they never blame each other but instead let it go. The No. 1 most intolerable selfish behavior in a romantic relationship was taking a partner for granted, which 72% of respondents detested.

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