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No matter what stage you both are in a relationship. There is no stage of specifically being upset or unhappy. It is of course impossible to exactly know what your partner is thinking without them telling you. All of the people that are in a relationship feel great, happy, assured, and satisfied. But what if you suspect that your partner is unhappy and upset in the relationship you both share?

It is a sad truth. No matter what one does, the person’s girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, or fiancée can still secretly feel unhappy in the relationship they share. It is very rare for your partner to come up to you. And say that he/she is not happy with the relationship you both share or is upset. The chances are very low to nonexistent. almost 20% of the people are unhappy in their relationships

If you doubt that your partner could be upset with you there are multiple ways to tell for sure. This all may cause you concern. But there is no need to jump to conclusions right away. There are many signs your partner may be showing and that is how you can look at them.

The few basic signs of how to tell if your partner is unhappy are these:

  • If the partner does not seem to be engaging in conversations, has an irritated attitude and behavior, and is moody are the signs you can look out for if you doubt that your partner could be unhappy 
  • You find yourself making excuses for your significant other behavior and attitude constantly? then this is also a sign that your relationship is not going well for either of you 
  • If you find your partner running away from fixing a  problem even after you have tried to make your partner talk things out, then it is time for you to consider and evaluate your relationship with your partner again.

How to tell if your partner is unhappy

1. Your partner is constantly reminding you of your past

One of the signs that your partner is upset and unhappy includes your partner keeps reminding you of your past. You might notice that your partner keeps fighting with you over the problems you have had in your past or something that you have done in the past. This usually happens when your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband are unhappy and they are finding reasons and looking for ways to justify these feelings by creating fights when there shouldn’t be one. 

2. Your partner is super defensive most of the time

If you find your partner being super defensive most of the time then that is also a sign that your partner could be unhappy and is trying not to show it and let it be prominent. They might come off as defensive when you bring up the lack of conversation you both face.  You will see your partner blame it on you that you are not understanding enough and that he is too busy with his work.

3. Your partner will give you the silent treatment 

If you were the couple who could not carry on the day without telling your partner about the daily activities you do throughout the day. And if you are experiencing silent treatment from your partner now? This might also be a sign that your partner is upset and unhappy with you and the relationship you both share.

This sign will show up after a fight and it might last very long too. You will see your partner giving you very short replies. This is not only what you might experience. You will notice that your partner might try to completely ignore you, your existence, and your attempt to talk. Have a look at how to solve relationship problems between couples

4. You have moved down their list of priorities 

It is not new that your partner has to work late often and it used to happen before too. But if you notice your partner repetitively saying that he/she has to work late. And they are busy and will talk to you later. And that later doesn’t seem to arrive then it is clearly excused because earlier this stage your partner used to take out time for you.

If you notice that your partner has stopped making efforts for you in the relationship you both share then it might be. That your partner may be upset/unhappy or may have lost interest in the relationship. This might happen very first in the relationship so look out for good and bad signs to look for on a date.

5. Your partner is not present when you both are together

This sign of not being present is really prominent and can be identified very easily. If you find your partner not being present when you both are together then this means your partner is upset and unhappy trying to avoid having any talk or any kind of conversation with you.

You may find that your partner is not happy when they spend time with you. You will find your partner tense and distant. This is also a sign of your partner being annoyed with you. You will find your partner being on the phone and gaming trying to prevent anything between you both when you both are together. Social media and phones have an effect on couples grabbing a look at them.

Look out for these signs and work on them. You couples build hobbies together and make your relationship a whole lot better. You can go for a small vacation with your partner to freshen up your relationship.

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