How to build a past relationship? Why is it important? And how will you build it? You will be guided in everything, don’t worry!

Role of relationships in an individuals life

A relationship is compulsory for a human being to survive and stay happy. A human’s fundamental characteristic is that he cannot lead their entire life alone without any companion. As it has been heard from Aristotle, a great Greek philosopher, “man is a social animal by nature.” Just like food, shelter, and clothing being the fundamental necessities of life, a relationship holds an equal worth to all these factors. No matter if your relationship is broken or not or what stage of relationship you stand in you can always build a relationship again

Relationships, besides being very vital for life, it’s very gratifying and super challenging to maintain a peaceful relationship. It feels magical and enchanting when you find someone with whom you can spend your entire life. You love that person. You feel loved by that person, too; you care and feel cared for by your partner. Exchanging feelings for each other is such a beautiful thing in a relationship. But these factors are not enough for a peaceful and strong relationship. A relationship needs much more than that. It needs sacrifice, tolerance,  and most importantly, loyalty and honesty.

Too much effort is required to build a strong and healthy relationship. Relationships seem very strong, but they are very weak and feeble. Such factors can easily break them as misunderstandings between a couple, dishonesty, unfaithfulness, etc. God has made us humans, and we humans make mistakes often. Mistakes prove that we are humans, not robots. Trust issues are the main problem among the relationship problems couples face. Let’s highlight the main points regarding this topic. 

How to build trust back in your past relationship?

past relationship
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The most common reason responsible for the breakage of a relationship is the breakage of trust between the partners. Trust is as weak as a glass. Once it is broken, it will never get the same as before. Many reasons can lose trust, and cheating is not the only factor of it.

Moreover, other factors include going against your words, false commitments, not being cooperative in a hard time, false explanations, manipulative behavior, lack of communication, etc. But you don’t need to can’t salvage your relationship again. You need to work hard and make countless efforts, and you may rebuild your relationship again. It will not be as strong and passionate as before, but with constant efforts and the tips below, you can rebuild your relationship like before.

  • Go to the depth of what happened that your partner needed to give you false excuses. Communicate thoroughly. It might be painful, but you must give your partner a chance to speak. And carefully notice that they are seriously regretful of their actions. Are they sincere, or are they just acting out of being regretful? You may easily find out because no one can know your partner better than you.
  • Once you have completely discussed all the matters of betrayal, prevent going past and repeating the same subject repeatedly to your partner, making him feel ashamed.
  • Release all the frustration and anger clearly in your mind. Your frustration in your mind will make you emotionally and mentally sick.
  • Forgiving is not an easy task at all, but try to forgive your significant other and move on. It may increase the worth and importance of your existence in your partner’s life.

How to rebuild trust in your past relationship after cheating?

Around 60 to 80 percent of people tend to rebuild trust in a past relationship. Figuring out that your partner is having another affair with someone else makes you feel like someone has stabbed 

your heart. Infidelity is the major reason responsible for relationship problems. Rebuilding trust and relationships after being betrayed is a long journey of challenges. Both partners must work hard to regain the trust of the betrayed partner. Still, the betraying partner has to work harder when considering that a second chance can work in rebuilding your relationship. Follow the tips mentioned below. May it help in the healing and betterment of your relationship. 

  • First of all, end your affair. Behave kindly and be supportive of your partner. Your partner could be in extreme shock and trauma when they come to know about your affair.
  • Never commit or promise such things that you can’t fulfill. When you promise something, make sure that you have to fulfill it by hook or by crook to win their trust back.
  • Your betrayed partner will surely be upset and deeply hurt. And they are not wrong in their place. They need time and care to overcome this trauma because you cannot rebuild trust within a few days.
  • Don’t dwell on the past. Move on and help your partner escape the distressing and disturbing phase.
  • Console your partner with kind words like “I was wrong, I can feel your pain if I were at your place, I have eventually learned that no one can love me in this universe more than you, etc.”
  • Don’t blame your partner that they have any lack that leads you to have another affair. It will worsen their wounds.

How to rebuild a past relationship?

Despite your mistakes in your relationship, your relationship does not remain the same as before; it weakens. These mistakes include abuse, false explanations, and excuses, selfishness, anger, jealousy, etc. And then you realize that you were wrong.

You were not fair with your partner. You wish to reconcile and rebuild your relationship like before, but you have to face hardships. Some can get successful in rebuilding the relationship, but some cannot. Let’s discuss how to rebuild your weakened and broken relationship.

1. Willingness of forgiveness

When something gets miserable in a relationship, the participation of a single partner is not enough. Instead, the person who exploited the relationship has to find ways to repair the damaged relationship. In contrast, the exploited partner must be willing to forgive their partner and give their relationship one more chance.

2. Open and sincere apology

One involved in the relationship violation should often openly apologize and show sincerity instead of accusing the exploited partner. You can apologize via sorry cards, confession letters, and directly through conversations. Giving flowers and gifts sounds great. What do you say?

3. Start life from a new beginning

To rebuild the relationship, both partners should forget about the past and move on. Forgetting and moving on is surely challenging, but if you have decided to take a new start to your relationship, the only option is to prevent yourself from dwelling on the past and move on.

4. Cherish little moments

An awesome idea for rebuilding your relationship is spending quality time with each other. Keep your phones aside, cancel all plans with friends and prioritize your partner first. Plan some date nights with your partner, dinners, and picnics at luxury resorts and beaches. Trying out new dishes, late-night movie plans, snacks, shopping, and long drives are usually the best hobbies for couples. Cherish every moment spent together and make new memories.

5. Communication

It’s a fundamental way to rebuild a relationship. Do not let the communication gap come between you both. Communicate clearly and honestly about the lacks you both find in each other, and discuss the solutions to overcome your lacks. Tell your partner about what they need to reconcile the relationship.

6. Take lessons from past experiences

Both partners should be careful next time that they won’t repeat the same thing that once leads to the breakage of their relationship.

7. Give your partner space

When your partner betrays you, and you will rebuild your relationship, it does not mean exploiting the privacy of your significant other. Yeah, we admit you have been deceived, but if you have decided to give him another chance, try to trust him. It’s unethical to access your partner’s cell phone, bank card passwords, and social media accounts, always checking the call logs and messages in his absence.

8. Vulnerability

Being vulnerable provides you with emotional security. It aids in making your relationship strong and assures the safety of your love life. Using this powerful relationship weapon, you can re-establish your relationship with intimacy and emotional attachment.

9. Avoid involving others in your matter

Once you have messed up in your relationship, avoid involving your friends and family in your relationship. Your friends and family are always at your side. Though you know you are wrong, they will still speak in favor of yours. And sometimes they give wrong suggestions regarding your relationship that can create more fuss. It results in damaging your relationship instead of rebuilding it.

10. Professional help

If you are trying your best to forget about the past and move on, if you desire to reconcile but feel helpless regarding rebuilding your relationship, then you must be concerned with a professional therapist. You may feel better after some sessions, and possibly you can get over your past and get ready to give your relationship one more chance.

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