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  • What is self-esteem
  • Difference between self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Some useful tips and successful ways to build and boost self-esteem contrast with self-confidence.
  • How does a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence affect your relationship?

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What is self-esteem

Self-esteem is a term that can be defined as a perception of an individual regarding their worth and potentialities. You can say that your opinion of yourself is based on your abilities, how much you value yourself, and your existence. It is all that we call self-esteem.

Well, so many people consider self-esteem as self-confidence. But, in actuality, they are two different terms with different meanings. Yeah, self-esteem and self-confidence are two terms that seem synonyms based on their meanings, but they don’t mean the same. You might be getting confused. To get your confusion to an end, let’s give this confusion an end.

Difference between self-esteem and self-confidence

Self-confidence can be termed as what measure the trust and the firm belief you have in yourself based on your abilities and proficiencies. While self-esteem is all about coming to an opinion about what you are yourself, how much you will value yourself, and what your worth is to yourself regarding your capabilities and skills.

Another major difference between these two factors is; self-esteem is something to be wished whereas self-confidence is a fact. A person may be self-confident but lacking self-esteem simultaneously or have boosted self-esteem but lacking in self-confidence simultaneously since It’s true that these conditions of being one without the other occur.

Let’s discuss the strategies through which self-esteem can be built and boosted.

Essential Strategies Through Which You Can Build And Boost Self-esteem


1. Throwing Away Negative Thoughts

The first and most important step to move forward is self-examining yourself in detail. If you feel that you are lacking in something, you feel everything negative in life. No need for self-pity. Self-pity makes you weaker. Instead, think if your fellow or loved one were in this same situation, would your sayings to them be the same as you think for yourself? Obviously, you feel the opposite when it comes to your loved one to console them. Try thinking these same words for yourself. It will help throw away negative thoughts and helps you feel more energetic.

2. Behave Kind And Encouraging To Yourself

Some commonly heard affirmations such as “I will become a successful businessman” and “I will be the topper of the class” give positive vibes but work opposite those with low self-esteem. But making false conclusions based on less or no evidence isn’t the solution. You must be kind and encouraging to yourself, try to change your thought from, “I can’t do this,” or “it won’t work,” to “yes, I can do it” I will keep my efforts going unless I succeed.” It will work.

3. Short-list Your Potentialities And Skills

It’s natural that everyone in this world has been blessed by any one of the talents. Short-list the skills you are good at. It will surely feel like a building of self-esteem when you exhibit your talent where it would be revered. 

For instance, participate in painting exhibitions if you are a pro at painting. If you are talented in singing, participate in reality shows, concerts, social events, etc.

4. Avoid Getting Stressed For Being Perfect

No one in this world does not make mistakes, but do not let the mistakes reflect permanently on your personality. Yeah, you may try to be the best version of yourself, but there is no need to be stressed about being Mr. Perfect. Mistakes are done to be corrected but may remain a part of your life till your last breath.

5. Plan A Me-time

For building self-esteem, it is a must-to-do thing to pen down some of your favorite things you like to do in your free time. Some likes to watch movies, some like a warm relaxing bath, some loves music, some loves spa sessions, some love visiting friends, and many more. Take some little time from your busy schedule and make it your “me-time. It will make your perplexed mind refreshed and aids in building self-esteem in yourself spontaneously.

Tips To Build And Boost Self-Confidence

Below are some useful tips that help in boosting and build self-confidence.

1. Laugh Therapy

Our life is full of stress. To lighten your mood, it’s not a bad idea to sometimes let go of your stupidities by laughing at yourself instead of becoming stressed by getting embarrassed or feeling ashamed. It sounds funny, but having enough courage to laugh at yourself proves you are satisfied with who and how you are.

2. Be Who You Are

The second enemy of your self-confidence is comparison with others. Thinking for hours about how beautiful she looked, how luxurious her life was, how wealthy she belonged, and why I couldn’t be so beautiful and popular in the whole college like her.

why I was not born in the family to which she belonged, etc. This thinking will ruin your day as well as your self-confidence. You can cherish yourself despite with fact that you have some lacks, some flaws, but it’s ok. Believe it. No one can be like you, and you are unique in your way.

3. Show Your Best

While trying for something, show your best as possible. As a present for your performance, you may get the best you have ever got. Guess what, what will be your best present, your self-confidence? Your self-confidence will always be with you in every hurdle and challenge, making you strong and brave enough to cope with the risks and uncertainties of life.

4. Hammer Away

Who else does exist in this world free from every hurdle and barrier? Hurdles and barriers come along as far as life goes on. But never let these factors erode your self-confidence. Instead of getting weakened by these factors, try to make them your strength, be persistent and hammer away until you may fail your test.

5. Set Higher Goals Than Before

If you have ever succeeded in reaching your goal, your mind has been set that you can do it. Next time that same target might seem easy and requires less effort and time. Try to set a goal that takes more hard work and energy. Set higher goals with higher aims. Push yourself limitlessly in order to get accomplished. It is one of the best tips to increase your confidence in yourself but sounds very challenging.

Influence Of Self-esteem And Self-confidence On The Relationship Of Couples

A couple’s relationship is deeply affected by unstable self-confidence, which may vary according to the ups and downs of life. It invites insecurities and communication gaps to take place between the couple. You can easily figure out by observing the signs that your partner is upset with you. The insecurities and self-destructive thoughts will reflect how you behave with your partner. Besides creating a communication gap between couples, it also vanishes the excitement, intimacy, charm, and understanding of the relationship making the love life colorless.

Another red flag of being in a relationship is that either of the partners is forced to give sacrifice by changing their entire personality according to the other partner’s choice. That’s completely unfair, and it takes place due to a lack of self-esteem in the partner who is ready to sacrifice.

They think there must be a lack in my personality or I am not compatible enough to stand with my partner; therefore, I need to change myself. Changing yourself for the sake of adjusting with your significant other indicates that you are just pretending to be in a strong and meaningful relationship when the reality is totally opposite. Dragging this kind of relationship for long means less useless because your partner did not choose you as you were. He chose you in the way he wanted. 

Now you know how toxic relationships can become due to a lack of self-esteem. While in a relationship, if you wish for a strong and ideal relationship, try to develop self-respect and self-compassion in yourself first and help your partner to develop these things. Tie in a relationship in which both partners feel comfortable and loved. And accept each other in the way you both are in actuality, with all of your flaws and imperfections. Ask your girlfriend question or boyfriend questions to have a better understanding.

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