We all know that love is addictive and we as humans can not get enough of it. Does love make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside and makes one feel butterflies? Or does it cause problems in the relationship? Well, the answer is both. It can cause both problems and butterflies. There are a bunch of different types of love.

Love is not a one time thing or a seasonal thing. If you experience love once it leaves you wanting more. A  great way to experience these feelings of love is by planning date nights with your partner.

We are told that love only happens or occurs between 2 very romantic people. But that is not true. When it comes to love, many questions pop up in one’s mind. How do I get to know if I am in love? How do I know if I am in love with the right person? Is it really possible to fall in love at first sight? How do I fall out of love? And so much more. Types of love do not only vary in the romance between partners but family and friends too. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of different types of romantic love too.

Types Of Love
Couples experience different kinds of love in their relationship.

Different types of love; Healthy and unhealthy types of love

Erotic and passionate Love

Couple being passionate towards each other.

The first type of love is erotic and passionate love. It is sometimes all you need. This type of love is all about being attracted to your partner. In this type of love, you will experience that you have let go of your boundaries and you get very emotionally and physically involved.

When experiencing this type of love you may not be able to get enough of being with your partner or lover. It is good on the outside. But this type of love is dangerous because it makes people lose control of themselves. This type of love lasts between 6 months to two years. So looking at it you might get attached to your partner and it might turn out unhealthy for you.

Playful Love

This lovely couple is being playful in the winters while being cozy in the house.

In addition to erotic and passionate love, next comes playful love. This type of love is mostly happening in the first stage of a relationship. This type is full of intimate love you and your partner would be or will be in a phase of flirting.  You will find yourself admiring your partner or lover. This is very similar to the honeymoon stage.

In this type of love, you will experience teasing, laughter, annoying, playful motives, and laughter between you and your partner. This type of love is common in young couples. You will feel giddy, excited, interested, and surprisingly involved with another person. Your emotions will be on top of the hill.

Obsessive Love

The guy is being obsessive over his partner and that is upsetting the girl.

In addition to playful love next comes, obsessive love. This type of love is not really a healthy type of love. You would face an unhealthy relationship with your partner moreover, you will experience that your partner is being overly obsessive with you and trying their best to be possessive too.

You will face the fact that your partner is going mad in this type of love. This type of love leads to jealousy or possessiveness which is commonly known as codependency. Moreover, you will realize that there is an imbalance of love between you both partners.

Love Languages

Words of affirmation

The girlfriend is appreciating the words of affirmation that her boyfriend said.

Words of affirmation are sort of important in a relationship because sometimes one needs to hear “I Love you” and other compliments from their partner. And if they don’t they might feel unloved.

Quality time

Couple spending and enjoying quality time together.

If you measure the quality of love by tye the amount of time your partner gives you and spends with you then that is amazing. Because you might feel unloved if you don’t get to spend quality time with your partner.

Physical touch

Couple hugging.

Finally, next comes physical touch. For some people, physical touch is really important.  Anything from holding hands, snuggling, and cuddling can make one feel a whole lot better. so if u experience it is great

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