In this article, we will be mentioning the top 10 indicators of a healthy relationship. It is important to have a healthy relationship because just having a  relationship is not enough. But do you know what makes a relationship healthy? One of the signs you have a strong relationship is a place for both couples to have honesty, respect, trust, open communication, love, and honor for one another.

Signs you have a strong relationship

The following list of signs will let you know if your relationship is a healthy and satisfied one. But if you do not find some of the signs that do not necessarily mean that you do not have a healthy relationship or you should end your relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

1.  Having open communication in your relationship

Communication is the key to a successful and healthy relationship. If you have open communication in your relationship it is a plus. Communication allows you to easily share your feelings, opinions, advice, suggestions, thoughts, and expectations. It is important in any relationship in life.

2. Having Trust in your relationship

Besides communication, having trust in your relationship is the second most important thing in your relationship. If you can sense trust in your relationship and know that difficult times and tasks won’t be dreadful anymore, you can assume it is officially a healthy relationship. It is important because it allows you to be more open and giving and you can be vulnerable in front of your partner.

3. You Both have the same sense of humor in the relationship

Besides the same sense of humor, if you both partners have the same sense of humor, it indicates having a relationship full of satisfaction and positivity. A study, shows that couples were happier with a humorous partner. Having a funny partner.  Having a funny partner can help in better bonding and often predicts a satisfying relationship.

4. Decisions are made together in the relationship

If you and your partner make decisions together then it is perfect. If both partners collaborate, it is a sign of a healthy relationship. Making decisions together and coming to mutually agreeable decisions deepens the connection between the couples and increases trust.

5. You try new things often in your relationship 

And then comes trying new things If your girlfriend/partner new things with you in your relationship then it signs of being in a healthy relationship. Trying new things with your partner creates joy and fun which is a plus point. When both the partners try new things they spend time with each other. Having quality time with your partner is important. If partners try doing new activities, they are more likely to be satisfied with their partner and relationship.

6. There is a lot of appreciation in your relationship with each other

Next comes appreciation, it is the key to any kind of relationship. If your partner is Appreciating you it would make you feel good about what you do. Being in a relationship and if the partner appreciates you makes you feel special, honored, and treasured and this itself is a sign of a healthy relationship and open relationship.

7. The conflicts get resolved easily in your relationship

If you and your partner have the ability to solve the conflict then it is a good sign. A study shows that couples who would solve their problems in the relationship are more likely to have a happy and satisfying relationship with their relationship. If the couple resolves the issue effectively, it leads to an increase in intimacy and a feeling of empowerment and partnership/collaboration. there are

8. You are both committed to your relationship

Furthermore, the number one most important factor you should have in a relationship is the feelings of your partner being committed to you in the relationship. 43 different studies show it helps in making a relationship full of satisfaction. To have your relationship keep flourishing, it’s important for both partners to have commitment. Commitment makes one feel safe. You can easily set some expectations. Similarly, this sign will also be included in the signs of being in a healthy relationship.

9. You both take space with each other

In addition to commitment, another sign of a healthy relationship is taking a break from each other. Taking a break from each other is much more important than you think. It helps both partners to have an opportunity to reflect on their relationship. It helps them acknowledge their feelings for one another. Taking a break helps them to process if they want this relationship to be going forward or not.

10. There is physical intimacy in your relationship

Having physical Intimacy in your relationship is a good sign that shows that your relationship is healthy. Having physical intimacy in your relationship not only strengthens the bond between both partners but also creates closeness, love, and affection. Physical Intimacy is not always intercourse. Physical Intimacy includes a lot more than intercourse. It involves kissing, hugging, cuddling, snuggling, and sleeping while sharing one cozy blanket.

 11. Your Partner accepted you Wholly

Lastly, acceptance of your partner is really an important factor and sign of being in a healthy relationship. By acceptance, we mean that you value and tolerate your partner’s differences and beliefs. Acceptance leads to a healthy reality and helps in leading you both partners into greater intimacy and extra care for each other. When your partner feels accepted, your partner will be willing to understand your perspective, suggestions, and advice and will understand you more. You can strengthen the acceptance in your relationship by spending time together and focusing on having a good conversation and focusing on how to solve problems in your relationship.

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