Every couple on this earth moves and goes through the stages of relationships in life and not only once. Understanding the stages of a relationship will help you to go through stepping stones and you will not be getting stuck in the stages that relationships have. You will experience attraction, love, stability, romance, commitment, understanding, crises, and a lot more.

Falling in love at first sight or just falling in love is quite easy. Enduring it all takes a lot of hard work. You will see many couples or partners flying easily through all the stages. Some couples overcome and go through ups and downs during these stages and grow from strength to strength as well. But there are some couples that fail their relationship under a lot of pressure, they fall apart and they part their ways, heading off in different directions.

You should know by this point that every couple needs open communication, trust, vulnerability, honesty, understanding, and a lot of effort. Did you know that 37% of people met their partners online?

If you find yourself in the last stage of a relationship but still do not find yourself satisfied with yourself, your partner, and overall the whole relationship. You can always start from the first stage again. You can find your way back. You will see listed stages and hacks below here to help you go through these decisions and make your relationship work amazing. Here is everything you need to know about these mentioned stages of a relationship and what skills hacks and advice couples need to work on.

Stage one: Getting to know each other 

Stages Of Relationships

This stage of the relationship is more like the honeymoon phase. In this phase, you will first get together. This stage is known as the phase in which couples experience excitement, interest, and curiosity. The phase is all about being attracted to your partner. This attraction leads to great chemistry, intimacy, and interest.

This phase or stage will help you get to know about your partner’s beliefs, morals, values, and other lifestyle habits. You and your partner will experience sweet gestures by hugging, cuddling, holding hands, and a lot more. By knowing each other in an early stage you will find yourself getting addicted to your partner and that may result in dissolving or ignoring boundaries that may be a problem later on.

What to do in this stage

Now comes the question of what to do at this stage. Make sure to enjoy this stage to your fullest. Do things that make your dating so delightful and interesting. Make sure to go slow in this stage since it is a really important factor. Do not do things that might not be healthy in the relationship, grab a look at the qualities of a meaningful relationship so that you and your partner can work on it. Consider if it is the best match for you and do not let heightened emotions in. If you find your partner compatible in all aspects of the first stage of the relationship then you are ready to move on to stage two.

Stage two: Reality stage

A reality stage initially begins when you start to adjust to reality. The thought and idea of adjusting to the reality stage start when the first stage grows even deeper. In this stage, you and your partner will start to have disagreements. The issues that were minor and still are minor will start to turn into arguments. The first thing will be yelling at this stage.

At this stage, you will think multiple times about ending the relationship. You will start to have doubts about the person you love. The most common form of interaction will be blame and accusation. Neither you nor your partner will not want to give in and to be exact you both will be afraid of giving in.

But this definitely does not mean breaking or ending the relationship. In this stage, both partners will learn to develop problem-solving skills. Where you both will resolve the issues and come to an agreement. These conflicts will not go on their own, you will have to work on them by standing with your partner. By this stage, you both will start to recognize and understand that if you want to carry on with this relationship. 

Things you will notice in this stage

The things that will come in front of you that your partner has flaws and behaviors you don’t like.

You will wonder if you still are deeply in love and if the relationship will not be much of fantasy anymore 

Having these clearly does not mean anything negative. For this stage to pass you will have to work on it. A lot of energy will be drained but this will later bring on fruitful fruit in your relationship.

Stage three: Decisions making 

By this stage, you and your partner will start to observe and acknowledge the differences in your partner as a human being of how truly your partner is. By this point, it is now important for you and your girlfriend/boyfriend to decide and choose. If you both are willing to move forward in your relationship and ready to accept the flaws, differences, beliefs, morals, values, etc then you are good to go.

What to do at this point?

But if you choose to move forward, take time to consider it, there is no hurry. Be honest with yourself. Think about your behavior, actions, and contributions to the relationship. Learn to understand how you can yourself be a better and good partner. In case you doubt your relationship you can learn about the signs of being in a healthy relationship and clear all the doubts.

If you choose to end the relationship, end it with a good and calming conversation. Make sure to remember the memories that you both have shared together up until this point. Be kind while talking to your partner. Present and tell the reasons why you think this relationship won’t work or why you are not comfortable with being in this relationship. Respect each other. Do not let emotions take in.

If you are continuing with this relationship you are ready to enjoy the things that a couple gets to experience. Conflicts still may arise but at this stage, you would have already learned how to communicate and solve issues. As you are getting deep into the relationship you can ask questions to your boyfriend or girlfriend and make the relationship more interesting.

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