While the first date may seem fun and exciting it may take a rough turn. The date can turn out to be quite uncomfortable and intimidating. Are you overthinking if you would run out of things to talk about on your first date just after a few minutes? Are you thinking about what to talk about on the first date? Worrying about if you will be able to keep the conversation alive and not make it feel like an interview? Are you Worrying about whether there will be dreaded awkward silence or many uncomfortable silent pauses? 

There is a lot going on when you want to have a good conversation on a first date. Especially to a stranger that you know virtually nothing about. At the same time, you want to impress your date and try to evaluate compatibility.

Did you know that the search for what to talk about on a first date rises by 600% year on year? And 65% men don’t know how to behave on dates

The question “what can you talk about on a first date” is frequently asked so we are here with amazing multiple great things to discuss and talk about on the first date. These few things to talk about will improve your date and will help you and your date conner with each other. It will also increase your chances to go on a second date but you should know what things to do on your first date.

Topics to talk about on the first date

the first date
Topics to talk about on the first date

We have some very helpful topic ideas so you can totally nail your first date. These ideas will help you keep the conversation flowing on your first encounter with your date.

1. Ask your date what is their philosophy on life

Ask your date what is their philosophy on life

Begin a conversation on this topic. The question is why? Asking him/her about what they think and how they perceive life will help you have a good point so that you can establish if you both have enough in common. You will be able to actually know if you want to go on a second date. After this long lockdown, everybody is looking for a real connection.

Without going here and there you should first start with this topic. Find out what their philosophy of life is. What are their morals? What are the beliefs? What does your date enjoy doing? What do they do in their free time? What do they think of themselves and how do they see themselves? Talking and getting to know about this will help you know if you both have the same interests and things in common.

2. Ask about how they grew up

This will be a little trip down memory for your date and you will get some good insight. You can ask them about their childhood. What could go wrong? Start by asking how many siblings they have. What city or state they grew up in? What are their favorite childhood memories?  How many schools have they changed? Which school was their favorite? What activities did they use to love when they were children?

Asking your date these questions will get them to open up about their past which will eventually give you better insight into their personality. You will know what you both have in common. Maybe you both enjoyed the same TV shows or music growing up. Talking about childhood is quite a fun way to boost your connection and get comfortable with each other. 

Someone may not want to talk about their past because it may be a traumatizing past. If that is the case your date will say they would rather not discuss it or give an excuse as they don’t remember their childhood, to which you should show compassion and quickly and instantly change the topic/subject. By doing so you will gain respect and initial trust.

3. Ask about their hobbies

Ask about their hobbies

Asking about their hobbies is also a great topic to talk about on the first date. Ask what sport they are into. Are they into running, jogging, cycling, weight lifting, or any game like badminton or cricket? Do they like going to concerts? Any live music, theatre shows, or art exhibitions?

Talking about hobbies has more chances of you both having something in common. It will be interesting hearing them talking so passionately about their hobbies. 

4. Ask what they are looking for in a partner.

What to speak about on the first date? This topic is going to be a bit serious and interesting. After a bit, if light talk moves forward to asking what they are looking for in a partner. Ask your date what their dating goals and their intentions are. Make sure you both are on the same page about what both of you are looking for in a partner and dating life. Ask them what relationship problems they went through that ended their relationship.

Some questions you can go with:

What brings you to these dating apps?

Are you looking for something casual or some other type of relationship? 

Are you a relationship person?

What things are a must when you look for a partner?

What not to talk about on the first date?

What to not talk about on the first date? What you should know about this?

  • Never talk about politics.
  • Don’t bring up religion.
  • Do not discuss deep personal traumas on the first date.
  • Don’t take an interview. 
  • Do not start your story about your exes.
  • Don’t be desperate about how badly you want a relationship.
  • Avoid negativity.
  • Hide your insecurities.

What not to do on the first date

  • Don’t talk about yourself endlessly and continuously.
  • Do not ignore them just because it doesn’t interest you.
  • Don’t open your phone and keep it aside.
  • Do not avoid eye contact at any cost.
  • Don’t stay still.
  • Do not wear something uncomfortable and something unappealing.
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